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    Micro-Location Marketing Platform

    Improve Customer Experience in Venues.
    Deploy iBeaconTM at Enterprise Scale
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    Beacon Mesh Network
    Provide interactive services to your customers without 3G/4G/WiFi connectivity.
    Remotely manage your beacon infrastructure.
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    Large scale projects
    ubudu develops the full stack platform (hardware, server, mobile).
    We deliver in partnership with the best digital agencies in the world.
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Improve Customer Experience in Venues

Bring back personalization, efficiency and cross-channel benefits to customers.

Micro-Location Marketing Platform

All you need in one integrated platform, to start delivering compelling customer experiences in no time

  • Buy Beacons

    Start by ordering a developer kit on our store: regular 3-year battery beacon, USB beacon, or the new Mesh beacon.

  • Integrate SDK

    Create an account on the CMS and follow instructions on Github for iOS and Android (or even Phonegap).

  • Create campaigns

    Define your first micro-location campaigns using the CMS, by setting range criteria and actions to trigger.

  • Deploy in venues

    Use our cloud & mobile deployment tools, then manage interactions in venues.

Superior Customer Engagement

Leverage digital assets for engaging customers in real-world can be tricky. We've optimized this approach since 2011 through pilots with blue-chip retailers.


Reach the right person in the right context by leveraging historical and real-time data : place, time, speed, weather, etc.

Actions Palette

Trigger the right message or service once you know the person & context : premium service, content, promotion, etc. In the right format : push/pull/delayed/invisible.

Engaging Seamlessly

It's only theory if (1) customers don't opt-in "with all their heart" to the service and (2) for one of many reasons, their smartphone can't interact in real-time. At ubudu, we've focused on these issues and fixed them in a unique way.


ubudu proudly launches uBeacon Mesh, the world's first beacon mesh technology. Available for pre-order now.


Expand the reach of micro-location marketing to places where lack of cellular data jeopardizes the execution of trigger-action rules.

Interact Live

Interact real-time with customers. Detect customer presence and act upon. Trigger flash alerts.

Remote Manage

Monitor and configure beacons remotely using a central dashboard. Spare $100ks in maintenance from behind your desk.

Deploy iBeacon at Enterprise Scale

There's no alternative for enterprise-grade deployments. We've worked hard to deliver you the most autonomous, secure and scalable infrastructure.


Remote infrastructure management, battery alerts, heavy-power batteries, programmable on-off schedule, micro-USB recharge port.


Anti-spoofing and wardriving mechanism, secure access to beacons and data, secure cloud storage.


Field-proven deployment tools, calibration-free positioning, venue access control, customization, full read/write API.

"ubudu is the most complete solution due to its detection accuracy,
the security of its beacons, and its battery management system."
Digitas LBi, In-store Marketing via Micro-Location whitepaper

Buy beacons now

uBeacon is the first Bluetooth LE beacon range designed for enterprise-grade deployments.

Beacon Mid-Range has a range of up to 200 meters (when no physical barrier) and sports all the useful features the ubudu platform:

  • Encrypted communication
  • Battery alerts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Programmable Sleep mode
  • Compatible with iBeacon on iOS and Android terminals
  • Recommended to work in pair with ubudu SDK
  • You can also check ubudu's full range of beacons including USB beacon and Mesh beacon by visiting our shop