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Beacons’ night out!

Discover a hot way to use proximity marketing!

Beacons aim at enhancing customer lives…and nights!

Some innovative alcoholic brands and night venues have already implemented proximity technologies to create a new interactive way of partying! Let’s check out!

Hennessy: Be social!

In Czech Republic, the cognac leader has created a mobile application working with beacons. This app allows you to locate the nearest bar to you and its opening hours. Once in the bar, you are able to see who else is there from the application and invite them for a drink.
And how fun: the more you invite or the more you’re invited, the more free drinks you can get!

Hennessy monetizes the app by enabling bars to send out location-based marketing messages (about events, coupons, etc.)

This is the first time an alcoholic brand implements beacons in bars: a smart way to enhance the customer experience and trigger consumption!


Martini: Fresh beacon!

Martini has developed the first beacon ice cube.

It consists in a little cubical Bluetooth sensor that senses when your glass is empty. The staff is automatically notified when it happens and can run to offer you a new one. And of course, the cube is made with aerogel…to keep your drink fresh!


Blinq Dating Application: Get married!

The Swiss dating application decided to go further in their service…

They’ve installed beacons in more than 200 night venues in Zurich in order to inform you where the app users are located and secure you the right date facilitate meetings! Moreover, the app offers a ‘heat map’ showing where there are the more singles and recommendations on the best nightclubs you should go… based on your dating preferences!

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