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Chrome for Android will soon Support Beacon Interactions !

Google has announced that Chrome 49 for Android will include support for Physical Web-enabled beacons, allowing users to receive notifications on their smartphones from physical beacons placed nearby. The feature leverages Google’s Project Eddystone, which was introduced in mid-2015 as the company’s new open Bluetooth Low Energy beacon standard. And the way it works is pretty simple:

“Physical Web developers can reach Chrome for Android users as well, starting with the Beta channel and rolling out more widely soon. When these users walk by a beacon for the first time, they’ll receive a notification allowing them to enable the Physical Web. On future encounters with beacons, users can quickly see a list of nearby URLs by tapping on a non-vibrating notification waiting for them.”

Physical Web support has already been present on Chrome for iOS for some time, so it’s good to see it finally coming to Android. While the feature is only available on the beta channel for the moment, we should see it land for all users once Chrome 49 for Android starts rolling out on the stable channel.

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