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Enjeux & Priorités : Ubudu interview on B SMART TV

Ubudu CEO & Co-Founder, François Kruta was interviewed by Jean-Marc Sylvestre on B Smart TV this week to explain how Ubudu RTLS and SDA solutions can help enterprises improve the efficiency and safety of their operations.

After presenting how Ubudu quickly adapted one of its Tags earlier this year to help companies implement Social Distancing at their workplace, Francois explained how the Tags can also be used to locate tools, equipment or vehicles with sub-meter accuracy inside factories or hospitals in order to save time finding them.

Francois also mentioned how 5G will help increase the speed and capacity of the communication to and from connected objects but that for high-accuracy indoor geolocation, other existing radio technologies such as UWB and BLE were being used.

Interested to find out more on how Ubudu can help improve the efficiency and safety of your operations using indoor geolocation, feel free to contact us