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Find out how to avoid losing your belongings these holidays!

End of year celebrations are coming which also means that people gather and celebrate with their loved ones. These few days are quite special for everyone and no one wants any unexpected bad surprise to ruin this unique moment.

People keep losing their belongings. Make sure you don’t.


This is not new, everyone loses a valuable portable object once in a while. With the rise of IoT and connected objects, innovative companies have developed tracking solutions using Bluetooth technology to help us keep track of our valuables. For example, Tile offers small trackers which can easily go along with your keys using a keychain or be fixed on some boxes in your basement. This $20 tracker is linked to your phone using Bluetooth so you can simply open the Tile app and look at the radar to find your precious items or simply make it ring! Another great feature is that there’s a button on your Tile to notify you if ever someone has found your item!
If you like to search for your items by making them ring, you should definitely take a look at Chipolo Plus, which is appointed as the loudest tracker. One great product feature is that, if you set your Chipolo tracker as “lost”, you or anyone from the Chipolo community will get notified if they detect it so you can get it back in no time.
Moreover, if you are looking for another option to save you time looking for your car keys, TrackR sells trackers with LED lights which is quite convenient if you are looking for your keys late after your lavish Christmas dinner. On the contrary to Tile, batteries are removable which offer a longer lifespan but signal range is slightly shorter than Tile trackers’.

Applying this to workplaces…

The same logic applies in large workplaces such as warehouses, factories, hospitals or offices: workers lose time trying to find assets or people which leads to worker fatigue, low productivity and higher costs.
At Ubudu, we specalize in helping companies make their operations more lean to save time in finding people/objects in large venues. For example, Ubudu enables McDonald’s to save 20secs per table service by geolocating customers at their table in the restaurant.