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[HALF] Head Audio Lunacy Feeling

As part of this year’s Nuit Blanche program – a cultural event that takes place every year during the night, where people can participate by attending to art related free events – a sound wandering event took place last Saturday 30 in the 11th town hall’s district in Paris. The event was organized by Mixage Fou, Matthieu Aussal, and François Salmon.

This year’s theme is centered around the life of André Bloch, a brilliant French mathematician. Visitors will follow an audio and visual route around the two-story building, allowing them to get a glimpse into his complex life. Author of a triple homicide, Bloch’s life was far from ordinary.  A war-wounded orphan who was even declared insane, he produced all his remarkable mathematical work while institutionalized in a mental asylum.

Visitors could experience an augmented reality with binaural 3D audio, through the use of their cell phone’s HALF mobile app. Ubudu is proud to have donated Bluetooth Low Evergy beacons which enhanced visitors experience by allowing them to locate themselves and navigate inside the building.