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Ubudu selected to Black & Veatch IgniteX Covid-19 Response Accelerator!

Four months after the launch of the ambitious initiative, Ubudu has been selected among 300 businesses to be part of Black & Veatch’s IgniteX COVID-19 Response Accelerator that arises a cohort of 18 start-ups and seasoned organisations.

What’s the purpose ?

The first goal of this initiative is « to get solutions into the field as quickly as possible so they can start making an impact » according to Ryan Pletka, Vice President of Innovation at Black & Veatch. But this won’t be only about bringing immediate results in terms of fighting the virus, the purpose of it all is to concretely prepare a post-COVID world with lasting value projects.

Why Ubudu ?

Ubudu was selected not only for the Social Distancing Assistant UWB tags that alert users when they come too close to another with a very high accuracy but also for all Ubudu’s analytical back-end. They provide analytics on relative location, interaction time of workers and can also trace contacts in case of any contamination.

What’s next ?

Hear directly from the selected companies, including Ubudu, during the upcoming IgniteX COVID-19 Response Accelerator Virtual Showcase on October 21-22, from 1-2:30 PM CST.

Click here to register to the event