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Where mobile coupons from by Catalina meet Ubudu Beacons

Our partner Catalina, specialized in personalized digital media, has started a pilot with the famous Casino group, Monoprix. 

In early April, the ubudu team has installed beacons in more than 20 Monoprix stores in Paris and close suburbs. They are currently testing a promotional targeting that relies on the ubudu CMS to schedule weekly coupons offers.

As soon as customers pass through a 300-meters range around one of the stores, users of the mobile app developed by Catalina “C-wallet” are notified about special discount from Monoprix, encouraging them to enjoy about 30€ discounts on their purchases.

This operation is set up until the end of June, and could be widespread if the test keeps on this right track.

« This innovation marks a new stage in the mobile practices. It makes even more relevant promotional communication for consumers. It is a key mission at Catalina to increase sales and consumer loyalty. »

William Faivre, CEO of Catalina France