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Get ready for next Christmas with proximity technologies!

Each year, same story:

You are rushing in the crowded mall, looking for the last Playmobil box and the Frozen coloring book for your bother and sister. At the same time, you are trying to find a present for your mother (still no idea…) and a good bottle of wine for your father.

You are pretty sure you know where the toy store is. But, you are in front of a furniture and household shop.

You have no idea how to get to the jeweler (and maybe find inspiration for your mother’s present?). And it is already 6.30 pm.

I guess you know the drill, right?

Now imagine :
You are at home – zen – on the shopping mall’s mobile application.
There is a “Smart Itinerary List” function allowing you to enter your shopping list, and to indicate which presents you are still looking for. You can browse on the mobile application for some suggestions, and like them or not.
You are now ready to go to the mall. As soon as you enter, the Smart Itinerary pops-up. It guides you through the different shops you need to stop by to buy your presents. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the store, the mobile application will refresh the itinerary with other stores that offer the same products.
Waow ! But how does this location-based service work? GPS is not working indoors, right?
This service is enabled by proximity technology that includes little venue connectors such as beacons or RFID antennas. Using this technology, people’s location can be detected precisely thus enabling them to be guided through their shopping depending on where they are.
Then, you can receive a proximity message when passing by the jeweler:
“We offer a special capsule collection of earrings and bracelets until the end of December!”. Maybe your mother’s present is there? Let’s see.
And when passing in front of another wine merchant, you may receive something like “This wine merchant offers a Christmas discount today” – good deal – let’s try it for your father’s present !
Imagine from a B2B perspective:
If proximity technology provides valuable services to your customers, it also benefits a lot your business operations.
Proximity technology offers real-time location data about people in your venue, consumers as well as staff.
You can access instantly the heatmap of your place –identify the hot and cold zones – and take immediate actions to fluidify traffic flows. You can also follow your staff position and re-allocate your employees somewhere else if needed.
Later, you can analyze this precious location data for marketing purposes: by understanding the customer journeys per customer segment and identify the more/less visited areas of your retail space, you will be able to easily decide on what actions to take.
This year, proximity technology is taking off and most retailers are showing interest in it.  Next year, it is going to rock the Christmas shopping! At Ubudu Asia, we provide a proximity tehnology to help companies make business decision based on location data. If this article sounds good to you, and you are interested in the previous cases, please contact us!