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Honk honk ! Let’s make your car dealership a lot more fun (and efficient) !

If you think that proximity technologies (beacons, RFID, etc.) are only dedicated for sassy fashion retailers, it’s a mistake.

Customers’ expectation in the automative industry continually rise, especially because information and really good content (video, VR test, etc) are already available online. The only way to keep the dealership’s value-added is to create new, interactive and always more customer-centric experiences in showrooms and at events.

With proximity technologies, you will be able to :
Recognize the customer entering the showroom –  and welcome him like a VIP
Websites use IP address, personal account and cookies to greet you personnaly, or to recommend you the most relevant items according to your taste.  And that’s pretty nice right?
Proximity technology is able to detect a nearby visitor’s phone or connected card to recognize the visitor.
To make it simple: if someone is entering a Honda store and has the Honda mobile app or a connected card, the Honda staff will automatically receive an alert with his name, his current car, his application browse history (such as the car models he checked for instance),and more.
So you can be as as efficient and personal your website !
Offer the most relevant product and features to your customer thanks to the data collected
The use of Proximity Technology will also give key insights on how visitors behave in the showroom by automatically collecting location data such as the time spent in store, the customer journey (in front of which car does he stop?), etc.
By analyzing this data, the staff will be able to design very relevant proposal to their clients, and make the negotiation process more successful.
Send location-based messages when in front of a car
You can design an interactive customer journey inside your showroom or at your event, in which your future buyers will be able to receive content, video and information about the cars they ‘re interested in. A good example of this is what Fiat has done during le “Salon de L’Automobile” in France.
Retarget unconverted visitors !
For the ones who went to your store but did not get a chance to talk to a sales representative, you will be able to invite them to come back soon ! Indeed, with access to the data collected and stored, it is easy for your sales staff to follow-up !
Improve your service
iBeacon technology also allows to ask for feedback when your customer leaves the showroom. Ratings and comments are the best way to understand your customer’s pain points. This solution really helps our clients today to improve the services they offer.
At Ubudu Asia, we digitalize physical venues, and we love to do it !
So if you own a car showroom or organise events and you are interested in these previous use cases, feel free to contact us !