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Hyperlocation Starter Kit seasonal offer!

20% OFF – Limited Time only 

UBUDU STARTER KIT  This kit allows you to test Hyperlocation, in order to prepare the deployment of  your specific RTLS use case : track AGVs in a factory, monitor visitor flow in a hospital, automate replenishment process in a warehouse, etc.

Ubudu offers its Starter Kit for 795€ (instead of 995€) until December 31st !

  • Very easy to set up (in a few minutes only – included 6 uAnchors & uTags)
  • Real Time Locating System (provide very accurate positioning)
  • Plug-and-play based solution (starter kit upgradable to Ubudu full track & trace solution)

 If you want more information about our technologies, book a meeting with one of our experts :