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JCDecaux Got Beef

My old boss at Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, used to talk about “Beef”. Not the one you eat, but the contraction of “BEnefit – EFfort”. He meant that, as a product or service provider, you can’t ask your client for stuff (data, money,…), unless you provide her a simple and clear benefit. Some call it value proposition, but I like the food analogy and the reminiscence of good old days in Finland 😉

JCDecaux Hong Kong clearly got it. When they did a campaign in Hong Kong’s MTR (the metro) to advertise for the local Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, they did it in style. In result they obtained an above-expectation consumer engagement, and perhaps equally importantly, credit for being an innovative company in the advertising business.

What did they do ? They upped their game so to speak, as the users had to follow a treasure-hunt game, using Ubudu’s high-accuracy geolocation system to guide them to precise points of interest, where they could … take a selfie with a celebrity. After having collected a number of selfie badges, they could contend for free museum pass.

Check more details on Ubudu Asia’s web site and don’t forget to see it in action on Youtube.