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Louvre’s new app with wayfinding powered by Ubudu officially launched!

Paris – Hosting more than 8m visitors each year, the Louvre has been world’s iconic museum – featuring its long waiting time to get in and the large maze causing visitors to easily get lost, besides its famous artwork collections. But this cohabitation might be over, as the pain points of customer are finally addressed with their newly launched geo-locator application, which gives you directions to the desired art pieces.

Why did the Louvre museum invest in the “My Visit to the Louvre” app (available on iTunes and Google Play)? It all comes down to one major purpose: enhancing the museum visitor experience!
According to Sybille Clochet (Head of the Louvre’s multimedia service) and Jean-Luc Martinez (Museum’s director), the app stores more than 600 major artworks’ locations, and a number which is still expanding. It also enables a range of services including :
  • Enabling online tickets sales ensuring a priority entrance to online ticket holders, in order to shorten the waiting times at the museum’s entrance, bringing it down from more than 2. 5 hours to around 30 minutes;
  • Allowing users to calculate the distance of their routes and thus estimate the time they will be spending inside the museum;
  • Letting users pinpoint their location, and access it in three dimensions so as to get a better vision on where they currently stand inside the 70 000 sqm venue.
Along with those major improvements coming from the new app, the museum also eased concerns about security by doubling the control points to speed up the queues’ movement, and introduced a new exhibition area where visitors can learn more on its history and acquisition.
So next time you are standing in front of Michelangelo sculpture and trying to figure out the direction to Mona Lisa, you got the app to tell you the way!
See more information in New York Times article – Lost at the Louvre? There’s an App for That – By Doreen Carvajal – July 12, 2016