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Sanofi Toronto Virtual worker map

3 ,000.00

Sanofi Toronto Virtual worker map




  • Sanofi Pasteur’s Toronto site goes through a shutdown this summer, when maintenance operations will be performed.
  • It is mandatory, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, to have a map of who is working in which room. Especially, Health and Safety needs to know how many contractors and vendors or personnel are in a specific room at a specific time.
  • Based on the past collaboration between Sanofi and Ubudu, where a Tank Tracking proof of concept was performed on the Toronto site, Sanofi has asked Ubudu for a proposal to provide such a map within a short timeframe, starting with Building 90.
  • This proposal is a Minimal Viable Product which is based on Ubudu RTLS product, with options to add features to address Sanofi’s requirements deeper.

Budget and timeframe

• Technical support to configure and customise the virtual maps for B90 : • Ubudu Manager & Traject license for 1 or 2 months :
• Total budget :

• The setup can be performed week 21 (if order confirmed week 20).