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Ubudu SDA 25-pack

1 ,800.00

(excl. VAT)

Ubudu Social Distancing Assistant

Pack of 25 devices

Basic scheme:

  • Blinks a LED and vibrates when breaching a safety distance with another device
  • Configuration mobile app (distance, alert mode, logs and more)
  • Option to upgrade to Advanced scheme for data link, supervisor’s dashboard, contamination chain audit
  • Rechargeable via USB-C cable (not provided)
  • Wearable as armband, lanyard, or with helmet


Available on backorder

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Ubudu Social Distancing Assistant (SDA)

High-accuracy social distancing solution at workspaces, for enterprises to support providing safe working conditions

This product is a pack of 25 Ubudu SDA Tags.-, Basic option (no data link).

Key features :

  • Short distance alarm (LED & vibration)
  • 10cm accuracy
  • Privacy protection (GDPR)
  • No infrastructure required
  • Adjustable distance via provided mobile app
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Made in EU
  • Packaging and Shipping included, worldwide

Advanced options, not included below 100 units, are available on demand :

  • Remote alert via app
  • Contamination chain audit
  • Alert geolocation (high accuracy or medium accuracy depending on technology)

Advanced option are only available for orders > 100 units. For orders > 100 units and for options, please fill this form and we will get back to you shortly. Otherwise please order online here.

No commitment on shipment date since it will depend on how fast we ramp-up production, but FIFO (first in first out) rule meaning that by ordering now, you make sure to get the products sooner. No sampling possible.

As of April 27th, we are already full for May deliveries. Next batch delivered in : June. First arrived first served.