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Ubudu SDA 25-pack eval kit

2 ,450.00

  • 25 SDA Tag Regular devices
  • Access codes for SDA Manager mobile app
  • Access codes for SDA Dashboard web site (1 year license)
  • 25 USB-C cables
  • 25 EU chargers (contact us for alternatives)
  • 25 lanyards
  • International shipping
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Ubudu SDA 5-Pack Evaluation Kit

High-accuracy social distancing solution at workspaces, for enterprises to support providing safe working conditions

This product is a pack of 5 Ubudu SDA Tags with Mobile Gateway option enabled. Please understand that this package is for partners and key accounts only, as Ubudu should focus on product development rather than retail sales.

Key features :

  • Short distance alarm (LED & vibration)
  • 10cm accuracy
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Mobile app for tag configuration + streaming data to server
  • Web dashboard with live alerts, contact tracing, analytics (available end May) – 1 year license
  • Comes with USB cables
  • Made in EU
  • Packaging and Shipping included, worldwide

Contact your sales rep for more details.