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Ubudu Starter Kit


  • 4 uAnchors UWB
  • 2 uTags UWB
  • TWR Android app


Ubudu Starter Kit : to test RTLS in an easy and fast way

Ubudu Starter Kit includes the basics to test your RTLS (real time locating system) use case. It uses UWB (ultrawide-band) technology and TWR (two-way ranging algorithm), so that the Accuracy is below 30cm and the Latency below 1sec.

  • uAnchors UWB : fixed position devices, which transmit positioning signals to tags.
  • uTags UWB : attached to mobile assets or worn by people, the tags communicate with anchors in order to obtain the distance between the two devices
  • TWR Android app : mobile app to be installed on a Android phone, which communicates over Bluetooth Low Energy with tags, in order to collect the distances. The app then computes and displays the position. It also features the network setup, including auto-mapping of the anchors. Download it from Play Store.

Ubudu Starter Kit walkthrough : 

Ubudu Location : to accomplish your use case

Ubudu Location takes you beyond the Ubudu Starter Kit, with full-featured location intelligence capabilities and deployment tools, and can help you for instance to : 

  • increase the productivity and safety on your industrial / services site,
  • save time locating assets & people,
  • optimise the assets utilisation 

To migrate to Ubudu Location pilot or deployment, please book time with one of our sales rep.