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Real Estate O2O with A Vendre A Louer

A Vendre A Louer is a real estate service offered by SoLocal, French Yellow Pages company now become a large O2O service provider. The innovative service is to push alert from real estate agencies to nearby users in the street, whenever they had searched for a property ret/buy matching agency’s offer. 

The pilot phase involved 40 agencies in Paris, from May to December 2015, and had very good returns. A Vendre A Louer is now deploying it nationwide, starting March 2016.

Nicolas Oisel, head of mobile and innovation at A Vendre A Louer, says “this is the true bridge between the digital and brick-and-mortar agency worlds. We are the first real estate player to offer this innovation. Agencies are also happy about the positive & innovative image it brings them.”

Worth mentioning, AVAL handles push notifications carefully, in order to add value to the user while not being intrusive: max 1 notification per day per agency is sent to any user. During the pilot phase, some 20K users have been detected in front of the participating agencies, 6K notifications triggered, with an open rate of 80%.

Ubudu’s take: we’re not surprised by the results. This is a perfect storm situation, where AVAL is able to hyper-personalise the interactions by using the search queries which users have entered. In this case, beacons are perfect to help users to find their dream home, and to extend SoLocal’s mission of driving traffic into stores.