Workplace safety during and beyond Covid-19

Social Distancing Assistant


Physical distancing

Help your staff, customers and visitors stay safe by letting them know in real-time when they are too close to each other through vibration and LED light. Distance measurement accuracy of 10cm and distance is configurable

Contact tracing

One of your staff has been tested positive for Covid-19 ? Quickly identify who has been in contact with him/her to stop the virus from spreading in your workforce (GDPR compliant)

Hygiene and occupancy monitoring

Thanks to Ubudu RTLS location system, generate heatmaps of your building, manage zone occupancy, identify rooms to clean after one of your staff has been tested positive

How it works

Long battery life

Small wearable devices with rechargeable battery lasting between 24h to several days

Large storage capacity

Memory to temporarily store thousands of contacts data in SDA Tags and retrieve later using Mobile App or Gateway

Real-time alerts

Vibration and LED to alert when distance is less than authorized (distance is configurable)

Automatic wireless data collection

Gateways installed at entry/exits to automatically collect data from Tags passing-by and send it back to SDA Dashboard on Cloud

High accuracy

Multiple real-time distance measurements with up 0.1m accuracy

Easy configuration

SDA Manager mobile app to locally administer and configure SDA Tags

Data privacy

GDPR compliant solution, following data protection principles, including purpose limitation, security, minimisation

Software Dashboard

SDA Dashboard to visualize contacts in real-time and historical contacts data for contact tracing. API available




SDA Tag Mini

SDA Tag Mini

Beyond COVID-19...

One infrastructure for Worker Safety and RTLS (Real-Time Location System)

By purchasing Ubudu SDA you are making an investment for benefits over many years : Ubudu SDA tags and anchors can be used for other RTLS use cases such as asset tracking and flow analysis.

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