Workplace safety during and beyond Covid-19

Contact Tracing &
Social Distancing


Contact tracing

One of your staff has been tested positive for Covid-19 ? Quickly identify who has been in contact with him/her to stop the virus from spreading in your workforce (GDPR compliant) and ensure business continuity through a visual graph highlighting all the people he/she has been in contact with

Physical distancing

Help your staff, customers and visitors stay safe by letting them know in real-time thanks to a stand-alone device when they are too close to each other through vibration and LED light. Social Distancing measurement accuracy of 10cm and distance is configurable. The device uses UWB and BLE technology

A close and reliable customer support

Providing our customers and partners a close and reliable support is of utmost priority to Ubudu’s team. We will guide you from the selection of the features to the actual solution implementation in each of your venues

How it works

High accuracy

Multiple real-time distance measurements with up 0.1m accuracy thanks to Ultra-Wide Band technology

Light infrastructure

Automatic wireless data collection by gateway installed at entry/exit of building

Long lasting devices

Small wearable devices with rechargeable battery lasting several days and with a storage of up to 5,000 alerts

Location of contacts

Add wireless BLE Beacons in your venue to understand where contacts occur most often through heatmaps

Contact tracing software

Dashboard to quickly audit contamination chains and identify risky behaviours in the workforce


Group tags together if you do not wish them to alert with one another and/or define zones in your venue where tags shouldn’t alert

Contact prevention

Real-time alerts with vibration and LED with configurable distance and duration through Mobile App (or shipped pre-configured according to client requirements

Data privacy

GDPR compliant solution, following data protection principles, including purpose limitation, security, minimisation




SDA Tag Mini

SDA Tag Mini

Beyond COVID-19...

One tag for Social Distancing and RTLS (Real-Time Location System)

By purchasing Ubudu SDA you are making an investment beyond Covid-19 as Ubudu SDA tags can also be used for RTLS use cases such as asset tracking and flow analysis.

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