High-accuracy Asset Tracking Solution

Ubudu provides end-to-end Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) which improves operations’ efficiency by up to 20% throughout most complex industrial environments.

Radio technologies

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth is a radio technology which is the corner stone of today’s Internet of Things and connected objects. It is characterised by low energy consumption and cheap cost with billions of chips already produced.

Achieving long-range combined with bandwidth and security improvements, Bluetooth 5.0 is becoming even more powerful and more capable of bringing true ‘smart life’ and ‘smart business’ to reality.

+ super-low power consumption
+ easy setup
+ accuracy of around 3m or by zone

Ultra Wideband (UWB)

UWB is the ultimate method to pinpoint an indoor location whenever high precision is required. Position of an asset is computed based on the time it takes for the signal to go from one device to another: Time of Flight (TOF).

UWB signals have a range of tens of meters and are not sensitive to multi path effects or noise caused by metallic objects or structures.

+ high accuracy, down to 10cm
+ low latency
+ signal range from 30 to 60m


Ubudu’s Real Time Location Solution is based on electronic devices which enable to perform tracking of different assets.

Each device is ready for industrial areas, equipped with a durable, dust resistant enclosure and available in a variety of options.




- Pinpoint exact positions of
all assets in real-time

- Sort assets with different
parameters, IDs or names.

- Show and analyse all the
routes of your assets.

- Display workflow data
e.g. total or average time spent within specific zones or number of assets within zones.



Allows to define rules for certain areas, set dependencies based on various parameters (e.g. time, number of entries/exits, time spent within premises) and for different personnel groups or individual profiles.

All data can be displayed in real-time and recorded to provide key insights.



All the recorded data is processed to provide multi-angled and multi-layered integral view of the processes utilising data visualisation, 20+ different charts, heat maps with AI-based predictive analysis.



All the devices can be managed and maintained remotely including notifications on certain device event and real-time status data e.g. battery discharge.



Ubudu provides an API which makes it easy to use all the collected data by integrating with existing business processes software.

Enterprise deployment

Easy to install

Ubudu comes with a detailed setup guide and tools that make on-site installation easy even for non-technical staff.

The core idea is to automate as many things as possible on the server side and minimise external dependencies. This stems from our own experience, as we have already deployed our solution in 3000+ venues.

Highly secured

Ubudu uses different levels of security to ensure data security for both hardware and software components.

Access to the device configuration is only possible via button or password. Transmitted data is encrypted to prevent phishing. Servers are protected in our data centres to prevent intrusion, wrong access or misuse of data.

Low maintenance

The Ubudu infrastructure uses low-energy devices with autonomy of several years, which are monitored by rugged mechanisms (low battery level or missing device warnings).

This minimises the maintenance effort for large and long-term deployments.