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TV Interview: Saint Joseph Hospital Group & Ubudu collaboration

François Kruta, Ubudu CEO & Co-Founder, and Christophe Nicolaï, IT director at Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group, were the guests of Thomas Hugues’s TV show called Ecosystème on B-Smart TV. This new TV show aims to give voice to entrepreneurs and their partners in order to share about their successful collaboration.

Hospitals are large environments with many patients, staff and equipment moving around. The environment can be tensed and stressful because of the need to serve patients quickly and with quality. It is therefore key to avoid wasting time in unnecessary activities such as searching for beds or medical equipment.

In this perspective, the collaboration between Ubudu and Saint-Joseph’s Hospital enables to improve the efficiency of the operations in the hospital whilst reducing staff and patient frustration by  reducing the time it takes to find medical equipment and navigate in the hospital. More than 1,500 medical equipment are now localised inside the hospital buildings with 3m accuracy for a total coverage area of 80 000 sqm and a Mobile App with indoor wayfinding services is available for both staff and patients thanks to Ubudu RTLS.

For this strategic project, St Joseph Hospital Group selected Ubudu between 7 other companies for the following reasons:

  • Strong references in other sectors like manufacturing or quick-service restauration that are experts in logistics and operational efficiency,
  • A complete plug and play solution that is easy to deploy and maintain, 
  • Ubudu’s motivation in co-creating the solution with Saint Joseph leveraging both the technical expertise of Ubudu and the operational knowledge of Saint Joseph.

“The project has taken into consideration the needs to go fast and to be flexible in order to quickly find medical equipment or a specific wheelchair for a patient arriving and in need of assistance ” 
says Christophe Nicolaï, IT director of Saint Joseph Hospital group.

The success of this project has been achieved thanks to the close collaboration between Saint Joseph and Ubudu in co-creating the solution where the needs from the hospital staff were clearly expressed by Saint Joseph in order for Ubudu to adapt its solution in the best way. For example, the Ubudu system was integrated with the Hospital’s Asset Management system and the interface simplified to quickly see the location of assets by categories and sub-categories as well as filter equipment by availability.

Ubudu RTLS for locating medical equipment and for mobile wayfinding

Saint Joseph Hospital Group sees this project as a first step in a broader approach to make the hospital smarter and more connected with several use cases already identified to be developed on top of the Ubudu solution.