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uBeacon Mesh is now shipping

uBeacon Mesh is the next-generation beacon, providing internet-free communication with mobile devices, thus adding the missing link with iBeacon proximity technology.

What can you do with uBeacon Mesh?

Communicate in-store with customers

  • Detect customer’s arrival
  • Provide customers with a “help” button
  • Don’t rely on scarce cellular/wifi signal !

Manage beacons remotely

  • Configure and monitor your distributed beacons, through a central dashboard
  • Avoid costly on-site maintenance!

Already implemented with uBeacon Mesh

  • Drive-through service for a food retailer
  • VIP customer detection for a beauty retailer
  • Fleet management for a general retail chain

uBeacon Mesh is now available for sale

uBeacon Mesh enables much more than iBeacon , thanks to the Mesh capability we have embarked on its firmware, enabling 2-way communication with smartphones and other connected devices.

How does uBeacon Mesh work?

A “Mesh” is a network of which nodes are formed by beacons. Some are connectable nodes, i.e. can accept connections from mobile devices. Generally at least one is also a gateway to a server or external network, where the information is passed onto. uBeacon Mesh devices can operate in both iBeacon and Mesh modes simultaneously.

Business rules and technical configuration are handled through the ubudu Manager console.

Find more details about uBeacon Mesh on ubudu’s Knowledge Base.