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Using beacons to engage with attendees at an event

While iBeacon technology is currently showing some great promise in the retail industry, it covers a much wider range of industries than you might think, starting with the Event Industry.
Whether you are a store manager hosting an opening cocktail, a promoter running the concert of your life or a CCO wondering how to take this networking event to the next level, your only goal is to make this event one to remember.
Engaging with your attendees and keeping their attention in a relevant and personalized way might not be an easy task but, using iBeacon technology, it will turn out to be a child’s play. Depending on the degree of information you have about your guests, you’ll be able to interact with them in many different ways by pushing personalized content on their smartphones, based on their exact location in the event.
Vacheron Constantin uses uBeacons on its Watch & Wonders booth in Hong Kong
That’s how Vacheron Constantin trusted ubudu asia and jumped into the beacon bandwagon to deliver location-based content across its W&W booth. After downloading a dedicated app, the visitors received notifications about Vacheron Constantin different collections, based on their location on the booth. For instance, the “Discover how Patrimony collection epitomizes Vacheron Constantin stylistic purity” notification would provide you with further information and videos about the history and know-how of this very specific collection.
Generally speaking, beacons are about engaging with the right person at the right time and place. There are obviously many other ways you can leverage iBeacon technology to interact with guests during your events:
  • Send QR code to attendees as they reach the entrance for a quicker check-in;
  • Add floor maps and way finder/locator across your venues to ease traffic;
  • Provide guests with content related to current session/show in real-time;
  • Set up gamification features and scavenger hunts: have guest share content or look for virtual stamps to win prizes or enter lucky draw;
  • Remind guests to rate conference/concert or give their feedback, etc.
The scope is huge for leveraging iBeacon technology in an array of different industries and a great opportunity to create a unique experience for your targeted audience.
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