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Ubudu Asia’s solution rises above the clouds!

In partnership with the digital marketing agency Pixopunch (now part of Accenture Interactive), Ubudu Asia is proud to have launched a new O2O experience at Sky100. Pixopunch was in charge of the mobile app while Ubudu Asia provided its end-to-end indoor location solution including both hardware and software.

Sky100 is a 360-degree observation deck on the 100th floor of the ICC, International Commercial Centre, and one of the most visited attractions in Hong Kong. This tourist site was looking for a mobile app at the forefront of innovation to offer a memorable moment to visitors.

The experience at Sky100 starts as soon as visitors get out of the lift : they receive a welcome notification as the smartphone detects the beacon located in front of the elevator and triggers the notification.
Once in Sky100, users can find their way around the site thanks to Ubudu’s high-accuracy indoor positioning technology which will display their position on the map.
Then, informative messages are triggered through the application along the visitor’s journey such as flashbacks about the History of Hong Kong, the sunset time and the names of the different buildings of the skyline using AR.
Visitors can also watch a live streaming timelapse GIF of the landscape, take fun photos using AR and benefit from special coupons when they come across the store or the dining area.
Finally, Sky100 app detects when users are about to leave and asks them to complete a satisfaction questionnaire to collect feedbacks. A promotion coupon for a future visit is also offered.
Eventually, our Ubudu Indoor Location solution has contributed to providing a modern and user-friendly experience for Sky100 visitors! It also gives deep insights about the visitors’ behavior when visiting Sky100 so as to continuously improve the visitor experience.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting more information about us.
Photos Copyright: Sky100