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Ubudu is transforming the world of beacon technology using mesh and Bluetooth

Ubudu was at Bluetooth Discover Blue London event to show Bluetooth how we combine Mesh, Beacons and Bluetooth technologies to create something new and powerful in the world of retail.
According to Bluetooth, th​is unique combination opens a “whole new world of consumer experiences not possible with conventional beacons”. Indeed, using 2-way communication, uBeacon Mesh work as a network to connect the store with the customer in real-time without the need to rely on internet connectivity!
With the rise of Bluetooth usage through connected objects such as Apple’s new Airpods for iPhone 7 and the coming up of Bluetooth 5, it is expected that uBeacon Mesh will play a significant role in the retail revolution!
Check out the full article on Bluetooth’s blog and hear more about the possibilities of Ubudu from CEO Francois Kruta.: Link