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Ubudu selected to Black & Veatch IgniteX Covid-19 Response Accelerator!

Four months after the launch of the ambitious initiative, Ubudu has been selected among 300 businesses to be part of Black & Veatch’s IgniteX COVID-19 Response Accelerator that arises a cohort of 18 start-ups and seasoned organisations.

What’s the purpose ?

The first goal of this initiative is “to get solutions into the field as quickly as possible so they can start making an impact” according to Ryan Pletka, Vice President of Innovation at Black & Veatch. But this won’t be only about bringing immediate results in terms of fighting the virus, the purpose of it all is to concretely prepare a post-COVID world with lasting value projects.

Why Ubudu ?

Ubudu was selected not only for the Social Distancing Assistant UWB tags that alert users when they come too close to another with a very high accuracy but also for all Ubudu’s analytical back-end. They provide analytics on relative location, interaction time of workers and can also trace contacts in case of any contamination.

What’s next ?

Hear directly from the selected companies, including Ubudu, during the upcoming IgniteX COVID-19 Response Accelerator Virtual Showcase on October 21-22, from 1-2:30 PM CST.

Click here to register to the event